Generative AI in full mode

Building holistic ecosystem to provide better services

Overview on zypl.score: credit decision SaaS

The zypl approach stems from our deep study of black swans. Building our proprietary synthetic data generator, we enrich historical datasets with simulated environments to enlarge the training samples for our ML models.

Result: ML models that are trained on data including outlier 'barbell' conditions are significantly more stable in production.

Building holistic ecosystem to provide better services

b2b2c lending

Our financial marketplace offers financial organizations (banks, MFIs, MDOs) a unique opportunity to increase their market share by providing instant loans to customers through our own credit scoring platform based on artificial intelligence. We provide our partners' customers with fast and efficient access to loans by first analyzing their applications using our AI algorithms and checking for stop factors.

guaranteed lending

Guaranteed lending covers a share of the default risk of loans provided by Partner Financial Institutions (PFIs) to their customers. If a borrower defaults, the PFIs recover the value of the guarantee from the

remittance-based lending

Remittance-based lending is based on the remittance history of the customers and serves as an alternative to traditional evaluation metrics for providing loans (credit history, proof of income, etc.).